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The practice of Baseball was introduced in Tunisia after the first World War by its importer Dr. C.G. Kelly of Baltimore. Tunisia is the first Arabic country that has practiced baseball to date. The Tunisian League of Baseball is officially created in 1920, followed by the French Federation of Baseball to which Tunisia was attached according to the exigencies of the moment. 

Several stages followed this course : 

1st period: 1920-1939 - This time, given the birth of several Baseball clubs of great renown. 

2nd period: 1942-1957-1963 - This is the golden period of baseball practice in Tunisia. Radical epoch by the presence of the American Armies in Tunisia after May 1942. The rise was thundering and the ancients remember the meetings that are unfolded on three terrains reserved for this effort, on the esplanade. Gambetta, currently avenue Mohamed V to Tunis. the school of the American troops has been of great contribution from the point of view level of play and the contribution of the non-existent playing equipment in Tunisia. At this moment, France is beginning to organize itself in the Baseball Federation and its president Mr. Blanchard to January 12, 1957 is the date of integration of the Tunisian Baseball Federation as a member of the European Federation of Baseball as indicated in this document. Several clubs of all categories have enhanced by their competitions the coat of arms of the Tunisian Baseball to know. 

3rd period: 1983-1989 - In 1983 during the Mediterranean Games in Italy, the absence of the Tunisian team was largely remarkable, especially since the Italian national team was formed by the majority of Italians from Tunisia. 

4th period: Since 1994 - Resumption of activities on the impetus of the Commissioner General of Sport of the European Confederation and of the Clubs which were active during this period. 

Current time since February 2012 - Election of a new office. 11 Baseball Clubs. 3 age categories (Cadets, Juniors and Seniors). Launch of mixed softball and in 2014 softball (4 softball teams). 4 federal schools. 1200 licensed in baseball and 250 licensed in softball.


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