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History and Mission of Baseball in Tanzania

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History and Mission

Tanzania Baseball was introduced by Mr. Shinya Tomonari, a Japan Nationalist and the Chairman of Association for Friends of African Baseball (AFAB), in January 2012. Since then the sport has been played frequently by a number of Secondary Schools in the country and the participating number of students keeps on increasing. Among Secondary Schools where the game is played are Azania (the center for Baseball training in Tanzania) and Kibasila both of Dar-Es- Salaam, SanyaJuu of Kilimanjaro and Londoni Secondary School in Ruvuma Region as well as St. Mary’s of Mwanza and Iyunga Secondary School of Mbeya. 

Recently Baseball has opened its wings to Tanzania - Zanzibar. TaBSA and BASEBALL IN TANZANIA: On 12 th May 2014, Tanzania Baseball and Softball Association (TaBSA) was established and registered as the National Sporting Association (NSA) responsible for the administration, conduct, control, development and promotion of the sport of baseball in Tanzania, as recognized by the National Sports Council (NSC), the African Baseball and Softball Association (ABSA) and other International baseball bodies at the world level. The registration of TaBSA was followed by the first National Baseball Competition, which was held at Azania Secondary School in Dar-Es- Salaam in December, 2014 followed by national tournament of December, 2015 which was popular known as 3rd Koshien Tanzanian Baseball Championship. Tanzania is uniquely positioned to derive maximum benefit from the rapid globalization of the sport of baseball and could with the introduction of a National Baseball League derive benefits in foreign investment, international relations and tourism. 

TaBSA 5 YEARS STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2015 – 2020: “The Five Years Plan of Tanzania Baseball” is the milestone to become an African champion. It started when the baseball was introduced to Kibasila Secondary School in 2012. Since then, The first baseball national convention was launched just in three years. Moreover, Tanzania won the third place at the qualifying tournament for the African cup of under 18 held in Meru – Kenya in December, 2014. It is a pride of Tanzania that the players hold great effort and potential. The concept of Baseball contributes to the bringing up of human resources. 

“Discipline, Respect and Justice” have raised as slogans of Tanzania Baseball and indeed it has been sending many young ones who become capable leaders of Tanzanian societies. With TaBSA strategies, we strongly believe that introduction of Baseball in Tanzania will eventually result in a great future of Tanzanian society with discipline and cooperativeness, which was actually the Pride of former President Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere of United Republic of Tanzania and the father of the Nation. The Strategic Plan has been formulated in support of the TaBSA vision: 

1. This plan provides a road map for the continued growth and success of the Sport of Baseball in Tanzania. The plan is focused on establishing and maintaining a sport where: 

2. Members are treated equally and have the same rights to the facilities and equipment irrespective of playing level; key emphasis is on the enjoyment of the game of baseball. 

3. We recognize that our success depends on attracting, engaging and retaining participants and stakeholders. This starts at the grassroots level, where our emphasis will be on recruiting for the future, both in terms of the junior players, but equally as important, encouraging the involvement of their parents and the corporate community. 

4. The challenges of coordinating programs and building and supporting a National Plan will require the Tanzania Baseball community and key stakeholders to work in collaboration as a united force and in the spirit of what is in the best interests of the sport while embracing the guidelines of the Baseball’s Development program. 

5. Providing National leadership and as key enablers, we will build and support a national sustainable capacity for the delivery and growth of our sport. 

6. At the conclusion of this strategic plan cycle (31 December 2020), baseball will be the sport of choice for more than ten thousand (10,000) Tanzanians and with a top four (4) African ranking. Tanzania will take its rightful place as an integral part of the international baseball structure. 

TaBSA MISSION: “To provide national leadership and develop baseball as a preferred sporting option and recreational choice, providing a framework for maximum access and mass participation with the aim of building the business of baseball for the benefit of all Tanzanians” TaBSA VISION: Develop and maintain baseball in Tanzania as an adequately resourced system at all levels of participation and that allows for equitable delivery of school sport, recreation as well as a competitive sport at national and international standards. VALUES: Our Core Values; The TaBSA value system represents a set of core values, accepted by baseball, guides day-to- day behaviour, and collectively helps to create the “ideal future” for baseball in Tanzania, basing on Discipline, Respect and Justice.



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