Grow Baseball in Lesotho


Courtesy of WBSC

Lesotho Baseball & Softball Association which herein shall be referred to as "LBSA" was formally founded and registered as two sporting codes under one administration in 1996 under the leadership of the then key personnel namely President: Mr. Moroke Putsoa and Secretary General: Mr. Teboho Shelile and other members. LBSA was registered during the times of Lesotho Sports Council, the former administration body of sports in Lesotho and recently adopted as Lesotho Sports & Recreation Commission as per parliament Act of 2002 under the Ministry of Gender, Youth, Sports & Recreation. 

LBSA is an autonomous body with a registered constitution and clear organizational structure to aid its daily operations and activities. It operates through the Executive Committee which is composed of seven members who are voted through a secret ballot after every Olympic quadrennial as per the constitution and by-laws governing the administration of baseball & softball in Lesotho and the working Commissions to enable appropriate implementation to activities. The membership of LBSA comprises of Senior Softball and Baseball clubs, Little League clubs and High school clubs and implements its activities through tournaments, leagues and developmental clinics. The activity year begins from April to March.



Kingsway, Maseru 100, Lesotho